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The Highways England passport system uses the UK’s most widely used system designed to keep you, your team-mates and projects safe. Before you start work, the system will be used to check your Passport smartcard to confirm your ID, skills and training, when you last worked to make sure you have had enough rest.

What is the Highways England Common Induction?

It is the common induction course developed to promote best practice standards including Safety, Health, Wellbeing and Environment management. It raises awareness on the significant risks on the strategic road network, helps eliminate repetitive general site inductions and aims to set common standards on the network

Will the Common Induction replace all site inductions?

By undertaking the common induction separately, Highways England can ensure that the site specific safety briefing is focussed on the right risks and hazards. You may need a separate site-specific induction for any additional procedures not covered in the common induction training.

How do I book the common induction course?

You can either book on open courses via CourseSight or email

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